mardi 20 septembre 2011


A year has already gone by...WOW!

Ca passe vite!
Desole je sent de faire en anglaise aujourd'hui....
allez, un peu courage!

Thank you to all you followers for all the lovely
messages of encouragement that I receive.
The photos and messages all touch my heart! 
The people and children I have met on this adventure has been amazing! Too much fun!

This second years adventure will be my cakes selling in a tea salon behind the Opera called Le Macaron. It's not open yet...but it will be soon. Come and visit Marie (owner) to have some tea, cupcakes or just a big fat piece of cake and a chat. You can also taste the marvels of macarons that she proposes : foie gras, tapenade, saumon, fig & onion, and rose petal. ALL delicious!

So for this first year celebration I would also like to pay tribute to someone I love and adore (well, her husband and family too). To my Auntie Linda....yep you bet ya (Midwestern joke). She and I started decorating cakes in the 70's. Adventurous we were, and had much fun doing it. At that time I don't remember any cake disasters but, I do remember doing my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary together. Ouch.....Looking a little 70ish isn't it? All I can say is we came a LONG way since then!

And today, here's one of her new projects...CAKEPOPS not really know too well here in France. This is her first attempt. She offered to make cake pops for her friends daughters wedding shower, and her theme was sunflowers. The bride didn't know she was making these.
They were a BIG hit (no surprise).

Great job Linda...see you still have the touch! Guess I'll have to get on the CakePops bandwagon. If you have any pointers let us know. Thanks for showing us! Will have to get Kristi's cakes on too!

Thanks everybody for a super 1st year, I can't wait to see what kind of creations will come up in the second.

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