dimanche 27 novembre 2011


Ariellé la petite sirene & son poisson Polochon
c'est une des personnages preferée d'Anaé qui a eu 4 ans,
sa fait pas très longtemps. Cette jolie petite fille,
j'ai penser pour son anniversaire, on vas faire nager avec eux.
Voici sa gateau :

Bon Anniversaire à Anaé!

mardi 22 novembre 2011


Yes, can you believe it...Tia is 5!!!
Yep, I really was surprised, because when she came
to pick up her cake, I had written a four on it. I was sure she was four.
Boy, did she fool me! Time is going WAY too fast for me.


So anyways Mommy Nayla and Daddy François sent me a few drawings from Tia.
She is very artistic like her Mom and creative like her Dad, as you can see.
They had decided they would like her to draw her own cake for her princess party.
Great idea! She is a very talented little girl.
Here are some of her drawings :

So we decided this dawing was the perfect one for a cake.

Et voila, the transformation into cake form.

The only added detail was the pearls on her veil
and some flowers around the cake. Tia was ok with that.

Here's our princess on her special day.

With of course, her court, other sprouting princesses.

Time to blow!
(I changed the 4 into a 5...quickly!)

Her favorite color is magenta, does it show?
The cake goes with the dress...
I love it!


These little girls really know how to shake booty,
and have a good time!
(but, stop growing up so fast..please!)

dimanche 20 novembre 2011


Nayla's birthday was a complete surprise to her.
Blindfolded and taken to a hidden cove near Nantes,
a little piece of Paradise on earth.

 She spent the day with friends and family in the glittering
sunshine with a sheep grilling near us.
This fabulous party all planned by François, her husband,
of which I can all I can say is great job and thank you!

I was so happy he asked me to do her cake.
Nayla is the type of friend that is always available for everyone.
Always so kind, generous and helpful that for once, I could
do something for her. François told me she loved "mille feuilles"....
and much to my hesitation I agreed. Mille feuilles in an area without
resources in the end of July was going to be a challenge. It was hot!

But most all of all it was fun. A small problem with the syphon and
the cream, and gez nobody had an extra syphon of cream in their hot car?
Well with much help from Tia...we got the job done.


Quick, quick get it to Mommy...it's melting!


"Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you my dear friend,
Happy Birthday to you!"

This fabulous photo was taken by
Phillipe Cauneau. he was there amongst her friends,
busy taking wonderful photos, a great gift to Nayla!
And a great gift for me. Thank you Phillipe!
Another hidden treasure found in this marvelous place.

Thank you François, Nayla and Tia for
the wonderful memories!

and tomorrow it's Tia's turn!

vendredi 11 novembre 2011


"Voici, un merry yarn"  "Weigh anchor!"

Comme tous les garçons de 5 ans....
Louis "Son of a Biscuit Eater....
Yarr"...5 ans maintenant,
"well Blow me down!"

il faut les gateaux, les bonbons,
et bien sûr les tresors.

"Where be the treasure?"
Les tresors be cacher partout....Ahhhhhh
disguisée comme les cupcakes au carambar
avec speckles d'or. 
Aussi cacher....dans le crâne du skelete,
donc il faut être courageous pour l'ouvrir!
"Shiver me timbers! Me wooden leg has termites."
Et attention yer dents me mate!
Vous pouvez croquer l'or!
"Skuttle me Skippers"

"Let's drink grog before the fog"
à Louis et ses amis pirates à ses 5 ans!
Bon Anniversaire Louis!

dimanche 6 novembre 2011


Juillet dernière j'avait le plaisir de fabriquer les gateaux pour un autre chouchou de la creche.
En fait ils sont toutes les chouchou....mais bon, j'avait Oscar dans mon groupe depuis un an donc se me fait vraiement plaisir de faire son gateau pour son baptème. Les cupcakes
été les Black Bottom cupcakes. Gateau au chocolat bourrée de melange de cream cheese,
avec une frosting en cream cheese. Moi...j'adore! Le bateau gateau été
un gateau très leger sponge cake avec les fruits rouge et une touch de creme.
Voici les photos :

Cheers to my little Oscar !

mardi 1 novembre 2011


Well, as usual La Pagerie had their party.
Decorations went up last week to prepare the neighborhood...
AND just to REMIND them!

Only a few kids were invited and we finished with 21 anyways!
Mostly ados which changes things. So us adults partied
and kept tabs on who was in and who was out.
They were mostly out of course.
That much being said...us adults had a good time too.

Thanks to the hard work of Winnie, Aïdan, Emma
and their friends this is what our party looked like :

Yummy jello brains.....

lots of scary foods
(thanks to Maddy, Francoise & les oiseaux :
Raphaelle, Romane, Rosemary & Cosme,
and a special thanks to Laurence and
her delicious pumpkin, chestnut soup)

and deco....

creative and funny pizzas
(thanks juju, poney, fran & lolo)....

a hiding witch...hihihihiiiieeei.....

SCARY candy galore.....

and my personal favorite,
baby dip!

With some help from the courageous, window deco is created.... 

Cupcakes and cake pops were baked and decorated
(bravo à Emma)

Candy was hand-painted
(bravo à Winnie)

and scary chocolate spiders and cake were created
(thank you to Catherine & company) 

Another family favorite...brains!
Billy Boy does not look to happy!

Children were disguised and prepared....
with makeup and such....

and when night fell, the ghouls went out to play!

Attention to who you run into tonight!

They are not always as innocent as they look!

A knock on the door to find these lovely monsters, is always a pleasure!


"Trick or Treat,
Trick or Treat
Give me something good to eat!"

You never know WHO will open the door!

Or who you will cross on the street!

The ogre who lives here does the greatest job every year!
As nice as he can be, he's REALLY SCARY! 

And while the cat is away, the mouse will play!
A toast to the parents and the pumpkin juice!

And may you never cross paths with this vampire!