mardi 22 novembre 2011


Yes, can you believe it...Tia is 5!!!
Yep, I really was surprised, because when she came
to pick up her cake, I had written a four on it. I was sure she was four.
Boy, did she fool me! Time is going WAY too fast for me.


So anyways Mommy Nayla and Daddy François sent me a few drawings from Tia.
She is very artistic like her Mom and creative like her Dad, as you can see.
They had decided they would like her to draw her own cake for her princess party.
Great idea! She is a very talented little girl.
Here are some of her drawings :

So we decided this dawing was the perfect one for a cake.

Et voila, the transformation into cake form.

The only added detail was the pearls on her veil
and some flowers around the cake. Tia was ok with that.

Here's our princess on her special day.

With of course, her court, other sprouting princesses.

Time to blow!
(I changed the 4 into a 5...quickly!)

Her favorite color is magenta, does it show?
The cake goes with the dress...
I love it!


These little girls really know how to shake booty,
and have a good time!
(but, stop growing up so fast..please!)

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