vendredi 30 octobre 2015


Une gâteau d'anniversaire pour les 3 ans de Joesph.
Maman Gaêlle a fait le surpris de sa marrain Marie 
au mêmetemps, donc nous sommes decidé sur 2 gâteaux.
Thème sur les animaux en pâte de sucre.

Je suis sûr vous avez passé une super journée ensemble!
Cette weekend je vous montre le Salon de La Bohême,
ou j'ai fait pleine jolie recontres et a passé une super weekend.
Apres je commence a poster les mariages de cette été 2015....

samedi 17 octobre 2015


FRAN turned fifty today!

The fun thing about having a that you can say all kinds of things, 
but especially show special photos.

To SURPRISE Fran we decided to celebrate her 50th 
a little bit earlier so that Mum and Dad could enjoy it along with us.
Fran is english as is Mum and Dad.
Preparations started with our Bouguenais pink bus
and Fran's absolutely favorite transporation after partying.....
the wheelbarrow.
 It became our theme.
I did her favorite cakes and desserts :
 that included cheesecake, cakepops, lemon tarts, raspberry mousse
and cupcakes.

 There's Mum Jill....
 as Fran makes her entrance....
Notice how very lovely she looks tonight.
Of course she is only 49 and 11 months old. Not quite 50 yet.
 She is just realizing, this is HER party!
and she is just loving it and playing to the hilt.
(just wait, 50 doesn't always look so good).
 The crowd's all here.
 Gerard is service,
 Fran and Mum Jill,
 and the party begins.
 As you can see my children are very photogenic.
 Waiting on the chef.....
 Chef Barbequer Tom.
 Our Queen Franny
(She's now a few more hours closer to 50)
 There's Dad, Roger.
 He's also a great server.
At least Jill enjoys his service.
 Wheelbarrow 2 presents itself with lots of valuable gifts!
 Onlookers Julien et Aidan.
 Emma, Winnie et Tom join in.
 As I went through the photos of this evening, the many faces of Fran just made me laugh and laugh. So for the pleasure of our other guests....The Fran Fifty Face.
She is giving herself an instant facelift thanks to Pascal and that hefty masking tape.
 Batteries for her pacemaker from Aidan.....
 more Fran Fifty Faces and more great gifts.
 She got lookers.
 Good under the chin job!
 The image tells the story.
 more Fran Fifty Faces
 By this time she is really nearing that 50.
Looking quite hagard and destroy as the evening avances.
Fran Fifty Faces
 Already taking out her teeth....
She finally receives a magnifying glass, so that she can read some of those messages.

My Fran is looking a bit bored, and tired,
and worn.
WELCOME to 50 my Belle !
 No need to get angry, we have just the thing....
but no need to burn down the house either!
After 50, never light the candles!
 Just one more!
 Onto dessert......Francoise's favorite.
 Also a big thanks to my assistant Emma.
 Discret Laurence enjoying the evening.
 And at the end of the evening.....
her favorite transportation home....
although they didn't get very far.....
 Still in form and beautiful and graceful as ever!!
Me and all your friends wish you the happiest of Birthdays and thanks 
for being such a wonderful person and friend (and great sport) 
and for having such a great, fun party. 
My sides still hurt as I continue laughing tonight.
Ton equipe de Bouguenaisiens