lundi 28 décembre 2015


Le 22 decembre Joëlle a eu 30 ans.
Elle me demander de lui aider a passer cette cap avec une gâteau
inspiré de la dessinatrice française Carine M.
Voici son dessin de gâteau. 

Les images tirées de l'Epouventable Encyclopédie des Fantômes,
il y a 30 marches pour représenter les 29 années passé et 
le 30eme elle entre dedans,
pour trouver sa nouvelle vie qui commence "apres" 30 ans.
Le coquille juste en traine d'ouvrir.....
Cette petite chatte été fabriquée en penser d'une autre artiste et copine de New York,
Robin Rosenzweig Schkrutz (a voit!).
J'ai adoré de faire cette gâteau pour toi Joëlle. 
Joyeux Anniversaire ma Belle
and to new beginning!

jeudi 24 décembre 2015


 La maison et son arbre des bonbons, avant de partie a la fête.....

 OUFffffffff...bien arrivé.
 Notre Capitaine au Capitaine....
Directrice du bar...
 Mise en place fini, on attend que les invités.
 Tous le monde a participé......
  même les enfants.....
  ils sont fabriqué les petites bonhommes de pain d'épice pour notre table.
Les grandes, mes moyens et quelques grande bébés.
  Les nousnous garde un oeil sur le nouriture.
 La maison sur place,
 et souvent visiter par cette petit monsieur :)
 Le scene pour le spectacle des marionettes en place.
  Les genes commence d'arriver....
  C'est lancer....
  Avec Capitaine toujours a sa poste.
  Les sourires, les rires, les ballons, se commence a s'amusez et dancer....
  Attention, le spectacle vas commencer.
  La Présidente et le Capitaine lire le histoire de le petit bonhomme 
de pain d'épice en francaise et en anglaise.
 Les enfants ne bouge les parents en fait.
 Après c'est quelques chansons de Noël en française et anglaise avec l'équipe.
  Au joie des enfants le Père Noël fait son présence.
  Aussi vite, les enfants retour au table des Bonbons.
  Une table de desserts aussi pour les adults avec les cookies,
  carrot cake, angelfood cakes and cheesecake.....
 à la joie d'Angelique et Lise!!!
  Un petit moment partager avec Paloma et Robin
qui presente sonn cadeau d'ange a maman et papa.
 Toute les bonnes choses arrive au bout.
Notre petite Julia nous quitte pour aller à l'école.
Aussi Lou-Ann, mais on a la chance on vas le voit de temps en temps
 grâce a son petit frère, qui sera chez les bébés.
  Notre Chipie Julia, grandie bien ma belle. 
Tu vas nous manquer!!
  Merry Christmas et félicitations à l'équipe!! 
Une spectacle super, et une travail d'équipe formidable. 
Merci a tous qui sont donner un coup main, les mamans, les papas,

a l'année prochaine

et si il'y'a des photos des enfants, vous prefer je retire de cette blog, 
rien plus facile a me contacter directement ici. Si non, Merci pour votre partage.

lundi 21 décembre 2015


Run, run as fast as you can.
You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man.

A venir cette semaine, et entretemps le Gingerbread House.

mardi 1 décembre 2015


Here we go. We are in my home in Bouguenais.
It starts off with a real battle trying to find a non frozen turkey 
of a reasonable size for 16 people.
 The butchers all tell me it's way too early. 
You have to normally wait for Christmas.
So I concentrate on the desserts.
Laurent looks away and finds me one with his milk lady!!
My daughter Emma made the desserts this year. She did a great job.
She's going to cooking school and I'm so, so proud of that girl.
The classics : Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie.
 Then onto the table. 
My other and older daughter Winnie who goes to Art School, LISAA, 
did the decorating this year.
Another amazingly talented and hard working girl!
Tooo proud of her too!
My mother is so very present, with lots of birds on the table.
Kisses to Judi.
 Place settings....
Table ready, bird in the oven and starting to smell pretty good,
 company starts to arrive..
 A beautiful day, so outside for cocktails.
Kind of a last minute decision.....
 but good choice.
Toasts, smiles, helping, love, jokes, photos....
 all on the agenda today.
 Decided to surprise these frenchies and did savory cupcakes as an entree.
So we started with a "cake" as they say here in France, disguised as dessert cupcakes!
Little mustard seeds decorate the tops.
 Tradition at our house is always to go around the table 
to give thanks for at least one thing on this special day.
 Moments that touch and others that make us laugh.
Good one Tom!
This guy hiding his eyes is my third child Aidan. I give thanks to him, because he did an incredible job cleaning up before I had gotten home the night before.
So very proud of him and especially because he is becoming as nice a guy as my brother Dave and my/his Uncle Tom. 

That's huge!!! They don't come any nicer than that.
 Winnie doing service.
Laurence and Camille always smiling.
We do love to laugh. 
It's Turkey Time!
After 3 and a half hours of cooking....this 14 pound turkey is ready!
Shes been greased between the meat and the skin 
with duck fat and sage from the garden.
 Stuffed with bread, sausage, prunes, cranberries, sausages, nuts, chestnuts, mushrooms and celery, and other stuff I can't remember.
 She's on the board....
and ready for the men.
 I love this.....always a guy to watch, 
another to surpervise and then the real worker, works.
I suppose they are there for moral support or for the pieces that fall.
Ummmm....wonder who is who?
 Our menu included :
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with pomegranite seeds and pignons.
Turkey and Stuffing obviously.
Great job guys!!
 Roasted Squash in brown sugar butter and a Sweet Potato Mash,
 Cranberry Jelly and Cranberry Sauce 
bought at the American Store in Rennes (1 hour away).
Of which, I could have made myself, if only I could find fresh cranberries.
 The bird.....
 and Roasted Vegetables in Romarin.
 The plates usually look pretty much like this.
The platters are passed like at any family gathering.
 We wait patiently as the platters come along.
 My kids have their favorites every year.
 Always hard to choose which piece of turkey.
 My final plate.
Ohhh, forgot the mushroom and giblet gravy...yummmm.
Thinking of Grams.
Platters turn again for another round.
 Most certainly a lecture on wine. That's one hairy eyeball Win!
Da ta ta duh....desserts. Beautifully done Emma.

Dessert girl just across from me.
The french were surprised by the pumpkin pie and the cranberry sauces or jelly. 
Some liked it, some didnt. 
They loved the squash and the stuffing and the bird.
Overall, a pretty good and delicious success.
I can also be thankful that we do not have to share the day here with football.

Being surrounded by friends and family, joy, laughter, gratuitude...
that's what Thanksgiving is!
Que du bonheur!